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The Apartment of Sebastian Druid, Hawaii, Saturday Morning
Probably the last thing Sebastian was expecting when he staggered into his kitchen Saturday morning was to find a blond kid sitting on his counter, munching on a Pop Tart. He squinted at him for a second, then asked, "Alex?"

Alex raised one eyebrow at him. "If I was a bad guy, you'd be dead."

"If you were a bad guy, you wouldn't have started the coffee. I thought you might be Daisy." Alex scoffed. "Daisy know you're here?" Alex scoffed again. "...Daisy know you're not dead?" And a third time. "Wait, why aren't you dead?"

"Greek god," Alex reminded him.

"Demigod, I thought."

"Long story. I just need to know one thing and I'll get out of your hair."

"Sure," Sebastian said, because it wasn't every day your dead teammate showed up in your kitchen and started your coffee for you. "Wait, where have you been if you weren't dead? You look older."

"Boarding school."

"Right. Boarding school. Okay, be that way, don't tell me. What do you want to know?"

"Where's my sword?"

"Your sword."

"Grasscutter. Where is it? I know none of you have it; we were cut off. But I was a little dead, so I didn't see what happened to it."

"Oh. Uh." Sebastian hesitated. "Gorgon took it. Off--from...Gorgon took it." Alex went very still, something that wasn't quite right sparking at the back of his eyes. Cold fear gnawed at the back of Sebastian's neck, but he'd gotten used to that, sharing living space with Alex for several months. It wasn't like the kid realized he was doing it half the time anyway. "...Alex?"

"This was always going to happen," Alex said in a distant sort of voice. Then he hopped down from the counter and said in a more normal voice, "Thanks. I'll show myself out. Oh, and you're out of Pop-Tarts."

"Of course I am," Sebastian muttered. He picked up the box and looked at it for a moment, and then he thought of something. "Hey, what about--" He turned, and his apartment was empty. If it weren't for the coffee, and the empty box of Pop-Tarts, he might have thought he'd seen a ghost. "Right. Never mind."

((Establishy. NFB due to distance.))


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