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God of Fear!

God of Xbox!

Alexander Aaron
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Balder: "And who is this?"

Alexander: "I'm Alexander."

Hera: "There has been much discussion of this...Alexander--born a boy but become a god at the drinking of Mikaboshi's blood which let loose his father's divinity within him...much discussion indeed. There was an eternal war in the heavens, boy. There was thunder and there was lightning and you were at the very heart of it. Gods and goddesses suffered dismemberment and death...who are you again that dared to be the cause of it?"

Hera: "And so you are."

Hera: "Alexander Ares-Son. Child of War. God of Fear. God of Dread. Worthy successor. Honorable son. And today the first among his peers!

Alex Aaron, Alexander Ares-son, Fear Son of War, Phobos 2.0. God of fear, panic, dread, battlefield rout, and Xbox. Wielder of the Grasscutter Blade.

He's still got to go to high school.

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IC Voice Mail: 555-FEAR

Room: 504
Roommate: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (wesleynotponcy)
Big Sibling: Bobby Drake (longislandiceme


Summer 1 2010
Tuesday 1: Cupcake War Crimes: Anders/Stark
Wednesday 1: How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: Ohio
Wednesday 2: Sex and Candy: Perrault
Online: Remedial Pre-Algebra