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Alexander Aaron thegodofxbox
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Room 504, Monday Afternoon
So, Wes had apparently taken off and left his...bird. Alex wasn't sure what kind of bird it was. He'd never really seen anything like it. Which was why he was currently sitting on his bed and sort of. Staring at it.

"So, I should probably feed you, huh?" Alex said. Like the bird was going to answer him or something. "I've never had a pet before, so I don't really...what do you eat, anyway? Fruit? Bugs? The flesh of your enemies?" He hoped not that last one. Hercules was around and Hercules and his dad's birds...yeah, it was a sore spot.

That was when he noticed a bag and scrambled off his bed to investigate. "Birdseed." Well, that was anticlimactic. "Birdseed it is!"

((Post open, door only cracked because Alex is worried Katnissbird might attempt an escape.))


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